Bolsover | Tire Pressure

I have been meaning to write this post for some time.

In the previous post, I outlined the “15% drop” method of tire inflation.  I have just inflated my tires using the Filzer mini pump, the pump I have been travelling with for the past several years.  I’d like to take a full length floor pump but they are too big and heavy.  They certainly pump more quickly but the Filzer mini pump is more than adequate.

The pump measures 12” in length and the stand and handle fold into the body making it compact and very packable.  I have tried other small pumps but they take to long and too much effort to inflate a tire.  They are fine in an emergency (and I do carry one on the commuter in the city) but inadequate for higher pressure tires.  The Filzer pump is the perfect compromise.

If you follow this blog, you know that I am a fan of the Filzer bicycle tools.  I own a lot of them – full size floor pump, multi-tools, chain cleaner, hex wrenches, chain wear tool …  The essentials.  There is a full set of Park tools in the shop but I prefer the Filzer for day to day use.  They are well made, durable and innovative, combining the best features of all of the other manufacturers.

The Filzer tools are available at MEC in Canada ( and on Yahoo.  The next time you need a bike tool, give Filzer a try.  I am not compensated for this shout out.  I simply like the tools and price point.

2 thoughts on “Bolsover | Tire Pressure

  1. I have that exact same pump and you speak the truth, it is phenomenal. The tire gauge is inaccurate though – about 5-10 pounds on the light side (at least mine is, and it’s not the old ten pounds into the pump when you hook it up).

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