Bolsover | Day # 5

Today, I headed east and north instead of west and either north to Brechin or south to Beaverton.  The northern ride to Lake Dalrymple and back is fascinating and quite remote.  Some of the roads are really rough but with small bike tires you can easily avoid the patches, potholes and cracks.  It is just in some sections you need to slow down.

The Lake Dalrymple Loops joins up with the Brechin Loop.  That is how I returned extending the ride to ~ 65 km.  This route take you through remote farm land, a wildlife reserve, several small lakes and Lake Simcoe, a large lake popular with boaters and fishermen.  This route also has some of the best roads.  Well maintained.  Smooth.  And, windy with a few small grades.  If I were to add the Beaverton Loop to the ride it would be over 100 km.

Today I met another cyclist on the road.  An older fellow (about my age) on an old 10 speed road bike with toe clips.  He was in excellent shape and obviously has cycled a lot.  He lives in  the area and often does the Brechin Loop.  We have made plans to ride with one another next weekend.  I think he was a little intimidated by my bike and kit.  I reassured him we would enjoy a ride together.  Not every ride has to be a training ride.  And, not every ride has to be long.  I look forward to meeting him again.

I have adjusted to the time difference after 5 days.  Last evening I was in bed at 10 PM and awoke at 6 AM, my usual habit.  I don’t remember being affected by jet lag for such a long time.  I noticed that the last 2 days of cycling I have been stronger and more energetic.

Country people are different.  And, I don’t mean that in a derogatory way.  It is not just the slower pace.  They do things differently.  For example, they use the telephone book to find phone numbers.  I haven’t used one for years and don’t think there is even one in the house.  I use the Contacts on my phone or the internet.  I need to hire an arborist to trim several of the large maple and cedar trees on the property.  They have grown considerable in the past several years.  Trees on steroids.  I had to use a telephone book to find a fellow.  And, when I asked him for an estimate for the work, he walked around the property looking carefully at his options then said “That will be $800”.  And, then quickly added, “And I only accept cash”.  I don’t carry enough cash for a coffee.  And, there are no banks within 45 minutes of here.  What is he thinking?  This is a half days work for 2 men.  I am going to get a second opinion.

5 thoughts on “Bolsover | Day # 5

  1. Yeah, half-day for two men, plus insurance and vehicle costs… Plus a lift if they need it. I had less to do than that and the three I spoke with wanted $900-$1,200 for one dead tree… I rented the lift myself, bought a chain saw and went to town. Good luck man, stuff’s expensive anymore.

  2. That is a beautiful view from the cottage. I have a good friend who owns a cottage in Bayfield. Her front window overlooks Lake huron on the top of a bluff. Below is the beach. Just lovely. Guess you’ll decide about the cottage next year?

    • It seems I have already decided. I love it here for many reason, the least of which is the excellent cycling. I am thinking of spending 4 months of the year here beginning next summer. This is really what this trip is about.

      • No, stay from late Sept. to after Thxgiving. It’s gorgeous fall colour up there!! I miss Ontario for the flaming waves of forest fall colour!

      • I know. I’ll miss it this season although I have a large maple on the waterfront that is already beginning to turn. It turns crimson by the end of September.

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