Bolsover | Day # 3

I am beginning to adjust to the time difference.  I got to sleep a little earlier and felt more refreshed when I got up.  There is only a 3 hour time difference but these days, it is more difficult to adjust.

This morning I rode the Beaverton Loop, a 50 km ride out to the lake and then south.  Once again, it was hot (25 degrees celsius), humid (84%) and, windy (25 kph).  More humid and windier than yesterday’s ride.

There are two 50 km loops right out the back door that I enjoy.  Yesterday, I did the Brechin Loop and, today, The Beaverton Loop.  Each have several routes out and back so I never tire of them.  And, each has a coffee shop mid-way if I want to stop.  When I want a longer ride, I join to two together in a figure eight for 100 km which I am hoping to do this weekend, weather permitting.  Rain is forecast for tomorrow.  Then again, it was supposed to rain today as well.

Today’s ride was much the same as yesterday’s although I battled a stronger hurting wind on all westbound sections of which there were many.  Again, I stayed on the small chainring most of the time spinning at a high cadence and averaging 22-30 kph depending on the wind.

Despite being hot and humid, I wore my rain shell.  I am trying to shed a few pounds for an upcoming ride when I return to Vancouver.  The jacket makes me sweat.  A lot.  Whether this will accelerate weight loss or, simply tire me more quickly, I am not sure.  I thought I would give it a try for a week and then see how I am feeling.  So, as well as cutting back on the calories by eating mostly salads, I am wearing a sweat jacket in an attempt to quickly lose 5+ pounds.

This trip is not just about cycling.  Tethering support (ie Personal Hotspot”) from my cell phone provider works and, better than expected.  Using the data plan on my cell phone, I can access the internet from my laptop for work.  The service is not extremely fast (3G) but sufficient for what I need at this time.  This is encouraging.  I am careful not to view videos (they use up a lot of the data).  It seems that wherever my cell provider offers service, I can work and, of course, post.

This is old hat for many but all new for me.  I am an Apple newbie.  It seems I can do most of what I need from my iPhone let alone an iPad or MacPro.  I have the LinkedIn and WordPress apps installed and all of my eMail accounts configured.

I like the view from my new office.


2 thoughts on “Bolsover | Day # 3

  1. Seriously I wouldn’t bother wearing a shell ..and feel so uncomfortable. Methinks it was around 35 to 40 degrees C with humidity in Toronto today. I was in no mood to bike. Tomorrow, yes…

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