Bolsover | Day # 1

This was a busy day.  I was anxious to get the bike rolling but the cottage needed attention.  It had not been opened for 2 years.

I spent the day sweeping up dead flies, mouse droppings and settled dust and then washing all of the wooden floors by hand (the mop was broken).  The cottage is 1,000 square feet and all of the floors are pine planks.  However, I did find time to re-assemble the Roberts.  I am anxious to go for a ride tomorrow morning.

The Roberts survived the trip unscathed and it went back together a lot faster then it took to pack it.  However, I was disappointed with WestJet, the carrier I flew with.

First, they charged me for both oversized and overweight luggage.  The bike case is marginally oversized.  And, it was only 10 pounds heavier than allowed.  So, instead of paying $20 for an extra bag, I was charged $105 to transport the bike.  Yikes.  I didn’t expect that.  If I had brought the lighter carbon bike, I could have saved the overweight charge.

Then, I learn that WestJet does not have a scanner large enough for oversized luggage so I had to open the case for inspection.  Normally, this would not be a big thing but I had secured the case with 2 extra straps and it took an extra 30 minutes before I was able to put it on the conveyor belt for loading.  And, of course, there was a long lineup for security.  It took me 90 minutes to get to the gate and I arrived just as the flight began to board.

It was a long day of travel.  Once I landed in Toronto, I had a 2 hour drive to the cottage in the worst traffic I have ever seen.  Twelve lane highways choked at 3:30 in the afternoon with traffic not exceeding 40 km / hour.  It reminded my why I moved away from Toronto.

The first day is always the first.  There is a lot to do when the cottage hasn’t be used for awhile.  Now I’m settled.  The bike is together, the floor, counter tops and dishes are clean and, the refrigerator is stocked, mostly with salad ingredients.  It is hot an humid here so salads are all I will need.

Tomorrow is ride day.  I am going to do a 45-50 km loop that I like along the waterfront and back.


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