Bike packing …

Yesterday, I packed the Roberts ready for the flight Tuesday.

I took extra care to protect the frame.  All of the bubble wrap may have not been necessary but, the way I look at it, this frame is 35 years old and in excellent shape.  The original paint job looks like new with only a few small scratches.  I want it to stay that way.

It took an hour to remove the pedals, saddle and handlebars and, wrap the frame.  I could do it more quickly but I took time to make certain the frame was completely wrapped and all loose parts secure.  I taped the brake levers to the bars, the chain  and, rear derailleur to the back stay so they will not be damaged during transit.  Again, this may not be necessary in a hard case but why take the chance?  Airlines are notorious for abusing luggage even if it is labelled “Fragile”.  I even bubble wrapped the pedals and skewers.  You can’t be too careful.

The TC-1 bike case is smaller than most other hard cases.  This makes it easier to transport (it fits in the trunk of most cars) but means the bike must be disassembled.  Some of the soft bike cases are lighter and require less, if any, disassembly.

All loaded, the case weighs 60 pounds, 10 pounds more than the airline allows without charge.  This includes a pump, chain cleaner, spare tires and C2 cartridges, lubricant, tire irons and a multi-tool.

After the bike was tied down, the case closed and strapped, I realized I had forgotten a water bottle and cycle computer.  There is always something.  It is a good thing I packed the bike early.  I have a day to make certain I have everything.  I still have to pack my helmet, shoes and cycle clothing.  That’s a job.  I need to prepare for a variety of weather conditions – warm, wet, cold and windy.

Yesterday, I washed all of my cycling gear – bibs, jerseys, leg warmers, arm warmers, socks, gloves, light wind jacket and a rain shell.  Today, I’ll decide what to take and, which bag to pack it in.



3 thoughts on “Bike packing …

  1. I admire the care you take. Well done! Because I do a lot of A to B riding across countries and continents, carrying my own luggage and camping stuff, I simply rely on finding a bike shop that has a spare empty box. Rudimentary, but it works for me. But you always have to accept the possibility of some damage in transit…….but after years of doing it, I have only had very minor issues.

    • 15 years ago I travelled to England with a bike and packed it in a plastic bag provided by the airline. All I had to do was turn the handlebars. It survived the flight just fine. In fact, I still use the bike as a commuter. In more recent years, I have opted for a bike hard case when I fly, particularly with my carbon bike. But like you, I much prefer rolling out the back gate for an extended ride.

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