Weight matters!

I purchased a baggage scale recently to make certain my bike case is not overweight for the flight to Toronto next week.  I am allowed 2 bags under 50 pounds and, I think I can pack the Roberts, necessary tools and pump in the bike case under the limit.  I’ll know better tomorrow when I disassemble the bike and begin to pack it up.

I do not know how accurate the scale is but I tried weighing each of the bikes.  I weighed each bike several times and, each time had a different reading.  Close but different.  The steel frame bikes weighed 25-30 pounds and, the carbon frame with the light weight Dura-Ace group and wheelset weighed just over 15 pounds.  Half the weight.

I enjoy each of the rides but they are different for sure.

The Kuahara has flat bars and a more relaxed setup.  On the flat with no wind I cruise along at 22-27 kph.  The climbs are slow and the descents, despite the added weight,  are slower than I would expect.  This is the result of a more upright riding position and lower gearing, even on the larger chainring.

The Roberts is the most comfortable ride.  The steel frame, longer wheelbase and 22 mm tires absorb the road bumps better.  And, the compact crankset make an easier job of the climbs.  On the flat with no wind I cruise at 25-30 kph easily.  The climbs are slower but easier because of the crankset and the descents are faster with the more aerodyamtic drop bars and larger chainring than the Kuahara.

The Garneau is the speedster in the stable.  On the flats with no wind I cruise easily at 35 kph but with a little competition, and there is always competition on the road, 40-50 kph is not uncommon, particularly with a group.  Climbing is easy compared to the Kuahara and Roberts and the descents are decidedly faster.  In part, this is because of a larger chainring and more aerodynamic positioning on the bike.  I also feel more confident going fast on this bike.  The bike hugs the road like a Formula 1 race car.

I ride each of the bikes every week averaging 100+ km on the Kuahara and a 150 km on the Roberts and Garneau.  I consider rides on the heavier bikes as training rides, preparation for paced rides on the lighter Garneau.  When I mount the Garneau, it feels like a well rested purebred and all I have to do is steer.

Well, almost.  The heavier bikes make me appreciate the Garneau more.

Now, if I could only lose 10 pounds.  Despite all the riding, I am 10 pounds over my optimum cycling weight.

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