Another month, another 1,000 km …

Since I began using a single computer on each of the bikes at the end of May, I have averaged a 1,000 km each month or, 250 each week.  Some weeks more.  Some less.  This is a combination of commuting, touring and training rides.  It is not as if I target this distance.  No.  It is what I do.  I ride.  I ride to the office.  I ride for pleasure.  I ride to shop.  And, I ride to train.  In fact, since I live atop a “mountain”, every ride is a training ride in my mind.  It is just some are harder and longer than others.  Most days include a bike ride of some sort and, all rides include a 3 km climb.

Next month I am on holiday.  I am heading to the family cottage in rural Ontario to ride and relax.  There are chores, of course, and bass to catch, but I plan to cycle a lot on the quiet, rolling, rural roads.  I am taking the Roberts.  The setup on the bike is best suited to the roads and length of rides planned.  I expect to exceed 1,000 km in September, weather permitting.

I think of the trip as a training camp.  A time when I can cycle often, manage my diet carefully, lose a few pounds and, rest more than usual.  It’s a holiday.  A cycling holiday.  If I didn’t have personal business to attend to, I may have been in Europe for the month instead.

Maybe next year.

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