I am a post-ride coffee kind of guy …

I am a post ride coffee kind of guy.  This is more a European tradition than Canadian.  I plan routes around possible mid and post ride cafes usually at 2 hour intervals.  I have have my favourites; places where I can catch a late day sunset or escape the rain; places that roast their own beans and bake their own goods; and, places frequented by other cyclists.

Cafes are traveller magnets.  People of all sorts, races and, religions meet at cafes.  Travellers.  Students.  Retirees.  Thinkers.  And, cyclists.  I often ride alone.  I like the solitude.  It is my time.  But I also like meeting new people.  I look forward to my post ride coffee.  It gives me a chance to rest and socialize.  Over the years, I have met some of the most interesting people over a coffee.

I have always enjoyed a post ride coffee.  In the past, I cycled in the early mornings and would make a quick stop before heading home.  There were kids at home that needed attention.  These days, I train more in the afternoon and early evening, particularly weekdays on the way home from the office and, am in no hurry to get home.  The kids are grown.  I like to linger for an hour, sometimes longer, watching, listening and talking to others and, planning my next ride.

Are you a post ride coffee kind of cyclist?


6 thoughts on “I am a post-ride coffee kind of guy …

  1. Most definitely I need some sustenance after 2 hrs. of riding. We have our favourite café/bakery destinations — in Vancouver: Terra Bread, Thomas Haas, a gelato-sandwich place in Yaletown. 🙂

    In Calgary it’s Byblos a wholesaler Middle Eastern Bakery that has fresh cheap phyllo small pastries and different healthy flatbread with zaatar spice, Wild Grainz bakery that’s relocating (alas), etc. Calgary’s a lot thinner on the fine bakery stuff compared to Vancouver.

      • 🙂
        We have Beano here in Calgary. People go nuts over Sebastian Coffee, a local outlet. I haven’t been to latter but love local ice cream made with their coffee.

        Do go to the farmers’ markets for sustenance? I love Trout Lake, KItslano and Nat Baily Stadium for winter market.

  2. I used to be a get on the bike and ride until my pockets & bottles were empty, then grabbing whatever I could find at whatever store was along the route or I was finished my ride. Sometimes I would grab a coffee on the way home in the car from my ride (a sacrilege admittedly to drive your car to a ride, but departing my house unless perfectly timed to avoid a 50% chance of death by white van / pickup truck / delivery vehicle and/or BMW-Audi-Mercedes is an unfortunate reality of Toronto I’ve come to accept…). I’ve since been introduced to new riding area here east of the city that as a perfect coffee & bakeshop and cyclist hangout right at midpoint and it’s undoubtedly something I hesitate to miss.

    • I was that way once as well.

      I am heading to Toronto next week for a month and bringing a road bike. I have a place near Beaverton/zorilla and I love the cycling in the area. No great cafés though at not that I have found.

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