Stop rushing to retire …


This past weekend I celebrated another birthday.  Well, another year passed.  It is frightening how quickly the years pass by.

On April 20 I wrote a post questioning what retirement might look like.   I am at that age when you begin to wonder.  The post has been viewed almost 600 times, more than any other post I have written.  Clearly, I am not the only one thinking what retirement might be like.

Yesterday, I discovered an article on LinkedIn that addresses this question and encourages people to stop rushing to retirement, live each day fully and, find pleasure in all that you do.

What do you think retirement looks like?



3 thoughts on “Stop rushing to retire …

  1. Whatever retirement looks like, I will never live each day as if it were my last… Who would go to work on their last day? Certainly not me. Maybe I’m being too persnickety but that cliche drives my up a wall.

    • I hear you but Jullien’s message is compelling –

      “Let’s retire…

      …our excuses for not living now and deferring our dreams.

      …the idea that having lots of money or time is the only route to happiness.

      …feeling helpless and blaming our employers are bosses for our unhappiness.

      …feeling helpless.

      …comparing and competing against each other.

      …racing to nowhere fast.”

      Jullien Gordon

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