Free parking!

Yesterday was game day.

I am a season ticket holder for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, a Major League Soccer (MLS) team and, attend most of the games.  Although I live a 30 minute walk and a 5 minute train ride to the stadium, I choose to cycle.  Car parking for the event costs $25-30.  A return train ride on the Canada Line is $5.  And, although walking is less expensive, it is time consuming.  

Cycling is the perfect alternative.  The stadium is on one of the bikeways and, more importantly, the Whitecaps provide FREE valet parking for cyclists that is convenient, supervised and secure.  

I am surprised by the number of cyclists.  The storage area was packed with bikes of all types and sizes.  

Here is a big shoutout to the Whitecaps management team for recognizing the need and benefit of a program like this.

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