I missed 3 days …

I missed 3 days on the bikes and began to feel out-of-sorts.  I worked from home on Thursday.  The weather was cold and wet so I missed my customary workout.  And then on Friday and Saturday, I was busy with house chores.  I am home alone so it is a good time to take on some larger project.  I painted my den and built a new front gate to match the one at the back.

Painting is a chore.  It took 3 days to complete.  By the time you move all of the furniture, empty the bookshelves and prep the room a day has passed.  And then there is the painting.  The ceiling and walls.  Another 2 days.  So, by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, I needed to get out.  No.  I needed to get out on my bike.

When I don’t ride for just a few days, I notice a difference.  I don’t sleep as well.  I become irritable and impatient. I don’t eat as well.  And, I am less positive.  Cycling makes me feel better.  It clears my mind.  And, invigorates my body.

So off I went.  I did a 65 km ride into Richmond and the Fraser River delta.  It is a relatively flat ride but there is always, and I mean always, a wind.  It is usually a westerly but because I circumnavigate Richmond, it is helping when I am eastbound but hurting on the westbound legs.  The last 25 km were into the wind including a 4 km climb back up to the house.  Surprisingly, I felt strong and relaxed.  That is what a ride will do.

I will sleep better tonight.  And, I had a nutritious, homemade meal tonight.  Tomorrow?  Some yard work.  The yard has been ignored.  The grass needs cutting and the garden is overgrown.  And, a bike ride.  Hills!  Repeat hill climbs.  That sounds like a better day.

2 thoughts on “I missed 3 days …

  1. I know that feeling of being irritable etc when I don’t cycle for a few days I start to feel angry, sluggish, tired and achy. Amazing how cycling makes everything better

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