Everything needs a place …

Years ago, I commuted to work by car and had a company paid parking spot in a privately owned parking facility across the street.  It wasn’t a reserved spot but rather one of those “come-and-go” spots meaning I could leave and come back as many times as necessary throughout the day.  One day, I left and came back on two separate occasions and each time parked in a different parking stall.  At the end of the day when I left the office and walked to the parking garage, I couldn’t find my car.  I couldn’t remember where I had parked it.  Not the stall, not even the floor.  In the end, after mulling around the garage for 25 minutes, I started at the top, eight floors up, and systematically walk done until I eventually found the car on level 2.

This experience taught me an important life lesson.  From that day forward, I always parked my car in the same spot.  I would purposely choose a location at the very top of the parking garage so that even if I had to “come-and-go” it would most likely be vacant when I returned.  And, since that day, I have applied the same reasoning to everything from my bike tools to my socks.  If everything has a place, the same place, nothing gets lost or misplaced.  The trick is to always, I mean always, put things back in its place.

Bike maintenance and building projects run smoothly these days.  All of the tools and miscellaneous parts have a place.  And, even though this is a shared space. each of us is disciplined enough to put items back in their place.  Perhaps that is the reason.  It is shared.  If I was the only one using the shop, I would know where everything was because I would be the last one to have used it.  It may take me longer to find it but I would find it.  Whereas if someone else put the item down, I would have no idea where to look.  I would look where I might put it but that might be completely out for character for someone else.

The point is find a place for everything, always put it back there and you will never misplace it again.

9 thoughts on “Everything needs a place …

  1. Methinks you’re like my partner….quite organized and neat. He has been his whole life….his mother who is no longer alive, vouched for this.

    I’m not. My partner would vouch this. I do have certain things in neat groups which go disarray over time. Then it’s tidying up.. Just because I’m a librarian by training, doesn’t mean I’m neat in personal life. Only on the job.

    As for his cycling tools (and other tools), several pannier sets, etc., he keeps it stacked in boxes and who knows what in storage locker. And then some sets in his handlebar bag and saddle bag underneath the saddle..

    • That’s interesting. I think there are two types of people in this world. Those that are neat and organized and those that are not. And, we seem to be attracted to one another. My partner thinks she is but not to my May of thinking.

      • Very nice! My partner is organized with his tools as well. Looks pretty similar to your pictures!

        Though. His desk…it’s a total disaster. I can’t even share it with him, he drives me nuts!

      • I had the same problem with my desk for years. Last year the office has gone paperless and collaborative. Everything we do is online. And, I can work anywhere using my laptop or iPhone. My desk has a large monitor and keyboard that’s all. Oh ya and my reading glasses. Tell your partner there is a better way.

  2. I wholeheartedly second this post. I just wish I had the space to set up a workshop like you have. Tools and toolboxes in a kitchen cupboard. More tools, toolboxes, boxed-up old wheels and a workstand under the bed. A collection of empty cardboard boxes (some needed, others ‘just in case’) on top of a wardrobe. Oh, and spare wheels hanging from the wall.

  3. Absolutely. My wife and I are both neat freaks. Everything has it’s place! If it doesn’t have a place, then it may get thrown out. I did the same thing at work and parking. One day I parked in a different side of the building and came out to go to lunch and freaked! Hahah. Thanks for sharing.

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