I was out of fuel …


I was simply out of fuel. It wasn’t the hot weather or humidity. My tank was empty. I was inadequately prepared for the ride I had planned. Once I took in some calories and carbs, I was ready to roll.

I have stopped for a coffee after completing my usual 40 km Thursday workout. The way I was feeling, I thought I was done for the day. But no. I simply had to stop and gas up. Go figure.

I have never experienced this before. I always been able able to ride for an hour or two,  even if I was unable to fuel up.  I am generally better prepared. I usually have energy snacks on board just in case.

If anything, my reserves are low. I need to eat more or ride less.

7 thoughts on “I was out of fuel …

  1. I’ve run into this every now and again myself. I always have a stash of ERG bars for just this occasion. If I’m even a little bit hungry before a ride I hammer one real quick.

      • I know man… I take the restocking a little lackadaisical myself. We’re tough men, we ride every day and we grind through some pretty gnarly stuff. Hard to believe something so small could take us out. Rest fast brother.

  2. I ‘bonked’ the other day – post late night, a bit too much to drink and inadequate breakfast. When I am climbing hills and then thinking about the food I will eat i know it is too late ….. iced cream buns from a mom and pop store came to the rescue ….

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