No cycling computer ..


I didn’t snap on my cycling computer on my commuter this morning. I trained on the road bikes this weekend and forgot to switch it over.

Riding with the computer is a workout no matter how hard I work. I am always conscious on my current speed and elapsed time over my measured routes. Even if I want to relax, I work.

Today was different. No computer. I was more relaxed. Did 30+ km at a steady pace. Not fast. And, not slow.

Strava makes every ride a race. A computer turns a ride into a workout. Sometimes it is simply nice to ride.

3 thoughts on “No cycling computer ..

  1. I’ve been free if tracking since January and still managed to get faster and stronger while no longer worrying about trying to time traffic lights and stop signs. I’m no longer trying to get home in the least amount of time. I’m riding safer and happier.

    It’s not perfect, I miss it every now and again but all of my worries about dropping the app were overblown.

    • There is truth to adage that slower is faster. Putting in a lot of mileage at a slower pace builds speed. I don’t want to be a slave to my bike and find the GPS apps interesting but they turn every ride into a contest. I enjoy cycling for a lot of other reasons as well.

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