It is almost too hot …


It is almost too hot to bike. The past 2 days I have cycled 100+ km in the heat of the day. It is 30+ degrees and, humid.

I usually cycle in the morning when it is cooler. This weekend chores and the World Cup got in the way. And besides, I wanted to toughen myself up. You need to be able to cycle in all conditions. Heat. Cold. Wind. Rain. Flats. Hills and, mountains.

I try to vary my workouts. Different terrain. Different time of the day. And, different seasons of the year.

But I learned it can be too hot to bike. When I got home last evening, the skin on my thighs was bubbling. They looked like boiling water. A heat rash I suppose with no lingering effects. I went out again today but found I had little energy.

It can be too hot. 34 Ia too hot. It is ice cream weather.


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