Kit and fuel …

The weather man is calling for a sunny, hot day for the 2014 Canada Populaire.  Clear blue skies with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius.  Hot.

I am going to wear one of my favourite Louis Garneau kits.

The full zip jersey has 5 pockets at the back.  The full length zipper will allow me to completely unzip the top if I am too hot.  It is made of a wicking material that draws perspiration away from the body but, at the same time, blocks the wind.  A terrific material.  And, the 5 pockets will make it easier to carry more fuel.  There is a pocket for my iPhone.  I want to take pictures along the way.  3 pockets are deep and intended for gels and bars.  I will load each with an endurance GoToob filled with my homemade gel and a Cliff Bar.  And, the 5th pocket is intended for used packaging so I don’t litter the road along the way.

The black compression bibs are particularly comfortable and, since they are relatively new, the padding is still in good shape for this long ride.  I also have some chamois cream to apply.  I don’t usually use it.  Chaffing is not usually a problem.  But because it is a longer ride than normal and hot, I apply it to the shorts and my bottom.

Fuel is key for a long ride like this.  Everyone is different but I have found that if I continually hydrate and refuel throughout the day, I last longer and perform better.  Every 20-30 minutes I sip on water and have some gel or bar, averaging 1 bar and/or 1/2 of a GoToob every hour in addition to 1/2 – 1 full bottle of water.  I have to make myself do this.  There is a tendency to keep cycling but, if I leave it, I’ll “bonk” after 2-3 hours.

LG Quartz helmet.  Check.  Sunscreen.  Check.  Lip balm.  Check.  Maratona Dles Dolomites white gloves and matching ankle socks (a gift).  Check.

All that is left is to make the gels. I’ll do this last thing tonight because I have an early 5:30 am start tomorrow.

Oh ya.  One more thing.  I am thinking of shaving my legs.  I have never done it before and, have always wanted to try.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Kit and fuel …

  1. On the shaving the legs thing: I do. I don’t have to. My wife really prefers them smooth. It’s entirely unnecessary unless you race. That said, I’m glad I did, and do. Not necessary, but that’s okay too.

    • I thought you might comment. I don’t race. My wife would think I’m crazy although she doesn’t know otherwise. She is away for awhile And that makes it easier. Will keep you posted. Thanks.

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