Stanley Park named world’s best park …

There were 2 newsworthy items reported yesterday in Vancouver.

World’s Best Park

Stanley Park, the city’s jewel, was named the world’s best park by  For those of us living in the city, we already knew that.  For those of you who follow me, know that I cycle in the park regularly.  I do laps around either the Seawall, a winding, scenic seaside ride, or the inside road, a smooth surfaced road featuring a 1 km climb, a 2 km descent and 7 km winding, undulating section.  The park is a cyclists dream.  It can get busy, particularly in the summer months, but if you pick your times carefully, it is one of the best rides I know and, it is in the heart of the city.

90 Year Old Cyclist

The other news item is actually more interesting.  It featured a 90 year old cyclist that completes 6-7 laps of the park every day.  Last year, he cycled 14,000 km in the park.  That’s 1,400 laps.  And, he has been doing this for 10 years.  He started at 80.  I often see him in his blue MEC cycling jacket.  He keeps to the Seawall.  He doesn’t travel quickly but he is steady.  The next time I see him, and that will probably be this afternoon, I am going to speak with him.  Offer to buy him a coffee.  I want to learn more.  What motivates him?

What will you be doing when you are 90 years old?



6 thoughts on “Stanley Park named world’s best park …

  1. Ah, memories…….thank you for reviving my memory of a ride we did on a hired tandem (or ‘double bike’ as the shopkeeper called it) around Stanely Park three years ago.

    • I did the Seawall on a “double bike” in 1972 on a visit after graduating from university. Fell in love with the place and moved here in 1981. And ride in the park most week days.

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