The iPhone camera …

I am not a photographer.  I have had training in visual arts and dark room techniques but, by no stretch of the imagination, am I a photographer.  However, I do like looking at photographs and, I take a lot myself.

Recently, I acquired my first iPhone.  I know.  I am late to the party.  I have been a Blackberry guy for years using it primarily for business and, because they were provided by the firms I was working for, a lot the personal functionality was not supported.

The past few months, I have been experimenting with cycling apps and, of course, the camera.  I have been impressed with the convenience and quality of the camera.  Every day, I take a “selfie”, a personal portrait, a picture of myself.  It’s not that I am a particularly photogenic.  On the contrary.  But I am accessible.  I try “selfies” under different lighting conditions and in the most unusual places.

The photos above were taken in the washroom at one of my favourite cafes following yesterday’s ride.  That’s right.  In the washroom.  This particular washroom has an opaque glass door opposite a large north facing window.  The light filtering into the room is diffused and the walls are black.  I was washing my hands when I first noticed the quality of this light.  Thankfully, I had my iPhone with me.

I am not the best subject and the photos are not the most flattering of me but I like the lighting.  I remember in my student days being encourage to get out of bed before sunrise and get outside with my camera to catch the long shadows that only manifest themselves at that time of day.  Magical.  That how our instructor described it.  Well, I found the lighting in my cafe washroom magical as well.

I am always looking for a different perspective, a different way to see things and those around me.  And, I find cycling frees my mind to look at familiar things in a different light.

6 thoughts on “The iPhone camera …

  1. All the photos on my blog are taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 camera. I agree that it’s so convenient. And then when you use something like Instagram or some other photo editing app you can do all sorts of fun things. Enjoy exploring the photo capabilities of your iPhone 🙂

  2. I haven’t owned a separate digital camera for a number of years now as I really can’t see the point for the types of snaps I take. I currently have an HTC One M7 which is pretty good for what I need. The video has a few nice touches too. Because phones are compatible with more or less all media nowadays it’s just makes sense! 🙂

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