I am going to make my own energy gels.

For years, I have been using the Vega Sport Endurance Gel for rides of more than an hour, taking one every 45-60 minutes.  This gets expensive.  I started purchasing them in bulk to save a little but the more I ride, and I am cycling a lot more this time of year, the more I consume.

My son has been making his own energy gel for over a year now and, when I ride with him, he brings some along for me.  Once he got the recipe down, I found they are actually more sustaining than the commercial version.

This week I purchased 3 GoToob squeeze tubes from MEC.  They are designed specifically for liquids – shampoo, conditioner, lotions and energy gel – by a company called humangear from San Francisco.  They are made of food-grade silicon, have large openings for easy filling and cleaning and no-drip valves that keep the caps clean.  And, most importantly, they slide easily into and out of a cycling jersey pocket and are easy to use while riding.

I have included recipes from Vega above.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up.  Banana and avocado are good.  The key is the date and coconut oil.  Simply combine the ingredients in a Magic Bullet until you have the right consistancy and voila.  Energy gel like nothing else.  All natural.  Plant-based.

Now you are ready to “push harder, last longer”.

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