375 km this week …

I cycled 375 km this week. More than any other week this season. And, more than I planned.

I subscribe to the training regimen that promotes 3 weeks of training followed by a week of rest. More or less.  Each of the 3 training weeks adds ~ 10% to the intensity. More weight. More km. More hills.  More time.  And, the rest week does not mean lying on the couch. No. You still train but at a lower intensity giving the body a chance to recover.

Last week I added 35% more distance. Perhaps more.  More hours in the saddle.  You would think that would be hard.  Too much.  In fact, it was enjoyable.  Not difficult at all.  The difference, I think, is the weather.  Warm, sunny, long days get me out on the bike.  Motivate me.  It’s easy.  I would rather be cycling than doing almost anything else.

I get the extra km largely because of commuting to the office on the bike.  I take circuitous routes home, adding additional laps in the park.  More km.  There was a time I drove.  Then, I might rush to the gym on the way home for a quick workout before dinner and only cycle on the weekends.  Not now.  Now, I exercise everyday and have little need for the gym.  At least not this time of year.

You might ask, “What are you training for?”.  Well, nothing.  Nothing.  Not a century.  Not a triathlon.  Nothing.  I simply enjoy cycling.  I simply enjoy training.  I enjoy being outside.  And, I enjoy challenging myself.  It’s as simple as that.

Crazy, eh!

Some say, I am at the stage of life when I need to relax.  Take it easy.  Slow down.

I say, “Why?  I’m not dead yet.”.


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