Pledge for your bike …


I learned of a new cleaning tip.

I keep my bikes clean. Spotless. Particularly the road bikes. And each week I wash the commuter, clean and lube the chain, tightened all of the nuts, bolts and screws, adjust the cables and inflate the tires. This is a weekend ritual. It only takes an hour and I know I will have a problem free week of riding.

I learned liquid pledge, you know, that stuff you use on your furniture, also works wonders on the bike. It cleans, removes grease and polishes at the same time without leaving a wax residue. I use it on the frame and all the components as well.  They glisten and shine like new.

Try it.

4 thoughts on “Pledge for your bike …

  1. It rained here yesterday on the way to the office. I noticed the watered beaded on the frame and all the components. But what I like best is the quiet sheen that blankets the entire bike.

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