Preparing for Saturday’s ride …

I was preparing the bike for tomorrow’s ride up the Sunshine Coast when I realized how all the parts match.  It is not that I didn’t notice before.  I did.  Each time I added a component, I was careful to match what was already on the bike.  It just I never saw the bike in this light before.

It didn’t start out that way 3 years ago when I purchased the bike.  Over the years, I have changed the saddle, handle bars, wheels and tires.  Each time, I was careful to match the frame and other components as much as possible.  But this is ridiculous.  Don’t you think?  The red on the tires, seat post, handlebars and computer match the Garneau graphics.  Not too much red.  Just enough to tie everything together.  There is even red writing on the computer and, the spoke nipples are red too.

Everything matches.  Fi’zi:k saddle and bag.  FSA SL-K seat post and stem.  Dura-Ace cranks, chainrings, cassette, chain, derailleurs, pedals and wheels.

This is what happens when you pay too much attention to your bike.

“What does your kit look like?”, you ask.  Red, black and white of course.  And, made by Garneau.  What else?  I look like a Louis Garneau billboard.  I can’t help it.  The Garneau jerseys and bibs fit better than any others I have tried and they are remarkably comfortable.  And as for the bike, I have never ridden anything better.  I have tried Trek, Specialized, Cervelo and a host of others.  The Gennix R2 frame just suits me and my riding style.

There you have it.  If you see Team Garneau on the road tomorrow, stop and say hello.

5 thoughts on “Preparing for Saturday’s ride …

  1. I did the exact same thing, but I’ve gotta get a couple of those SLK cages, those will be perfect! I’m team Specialized so what you’re doing not only makes perfect sense to me, I’m sure you’ve noticed that people look at you differently when you match.

    Old folks come up to me and ask about cycling or my bike. Young kids try to race me on their BMX or mountain bikes (at least for a few hundred feet until they see the futility). Ladies do a double-take… And I feel like a million bucks. I love looking good. It makes cycling that much more fun.

    Some look down on the practice, others don’t “get it”, but it makes perfect sense to me. Very nice job on your bike too, it looks great.

  2. LOL, matching accessories. I gave up on that. I just want quality accessories that are practical, don’t fall off (like my front fender, grrrr), konk out, etc. One day you ought to meet my partner –I’m not sure if he’s out and about on his Dahon white folding bike (after the frame on blue broke and he got a replacement for bike) or his brass yellow Surly touring bike. But he is out in your route area several times per week.

    He’s back in Vancouver after helping his son set up his shop in Toronto in last few weeks.

  3. He’s here: I think he may be wearing his white helmet with turquoise accents. Or a red and black helmet.

    Aside from his longish profile (I urged him to stick in the bit about being a part-time farmer..he was on weekends for a decade had his own farm, with cows, horses and some pigs outside of Peterborough.), he is the sort of guy that cycles on his own. He doesn’t ride regularily with whole packs of guys in their cycling racing kits, –though he wears jerseys and cycling shorts/tights.

    He was cycling in the Sunshine coast area solo…but to attend a meeting in Sechelt and later was in Gibson (May)…he’s been trying to stoke up local interest in those B.C. areas to marry increased marketing of cycling tourism for local economic development.

    He wishes very much a stronger relationship between the cycling advocacy community and….all those packs of randonneurs, pace-line group cyclists in their kits. 🙂

    And I really wish some of the cyclists would grace more respect for hard working cycling advocates –they are strong cyclists and quietly persistent cyclists working for the long-term benefit of others.

    If your regular cycling group passes him, remember this guy has tracked over 220,000 km. of cycling in the last 23 yrs. on his Excel spreadsheets. I tell him: he’s my favourite used car. 🙂

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