A day in review …

Today I learned how to use the WordPress App for the iPhone briefly documenting a typical day starting at the office and ending with laps around Stanley Park and up to UBC on my bike for a total of ~ 75 Km.  This is a favourite route for local road cyclists.  The roads are in good shape and there is little, if any, traffic.

I wanted to test the app; discover what functions were available and enter text with the small keyboard.  I wanted to know if it is practical to use the iPhone for blog posts when I am on the road without my laptop.  And, I wanted to test the iPhone’s camera under different and sometimes difficult lighting conditions.

I was pleasantly surprised.  The quality of the images is better than I expected.  And, the app is easy to use and has most of the functionality I am used to.  Even the small keyboard is better than I expected.  I cannot enter text as quickly and, likely would not draft long posts with it, but it is adequate.

What do you think?  Do you use the app?  Do you use the iPhone camera regularly?  And, do you enter lengthy posts using the iPhone’s keyboard?

Perhaps there is a better solution when travelling.  Let me know.

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