The new workshop …

The workshop is finally reorganized (you can see what it looked like previously here).

More bikes are hanging leaving more floor space to work.  The bench is clear of the tool boxes leaving more space to work.  And, most of the tools are hanging within each reach making it easier to work.  Every item has a place.  That’s important, particularly when more than one person is using the space.

I’d like to take credit but my son contributed both his time and suggestions.  He is an extraordinary bike mechanic comfortable with all of the road, commuter and mountain bikes.  We share the space, tools and projects.

The wooden bench is 35 years old.  I built it when I first assembled the Roberts bike and, if you look closely, you can see the repurposed Roberts hanging proudly right next to it.  The bench has been an integral part of not only all of the bike projects over the years but all the household projects as well.  It is older than my son.

It all started with the bench.

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