c. 1975 Barelli Cone Wrenches

I have been reorganizing the shop recently, getting the tools out of the boxes onto the wall so that they are more accessible and making more bench space. Over the years, I have collected duplicates of some tools but discovered there are very few bike tools I don’t have.  I would like a new truing stand and there are some specialty headset tools I have yet to purchase.

But look what I found.  A c. 1975 set of spanner wrenches from Barelli.  Barelli was an English company that made premium touring pedals in the 1970s and a few finely crafted tools.  I have a set of the pedals.  They are stored in one of the parts bins waiting to be repurposed.  They are as good as new save for a few scratches.  They came with a life long warranty but I doubt that is going to do me any good.

The Barelly wrenches are a treat to use.  I only have the 13/14/15/16 mm sizes – all I needed at the time when I purchased them.  I still use them occasionally but the newer bikes I have need a larger size.  They have been in the drawer pictured above for 30+ years.  I have left them there.  It is where they belong.

The pedals and wrenches are vintage items and may be worth something to a discerning collector one day.  That is if I would ever consider parting with them.

4 thoughts on “c. 1975 Barelli Cone Wrenches

  1. The finest maker of bearings in the 1970s, from Bar Hill near Cambridge, hence Barelli. Their rollers were as smooth as silk and in 1976 and 1978 they were used to break the world 12 hour roller record.

    I was there both times, once as a rider and once as a helper. Barelli rollers an unfair advantage? You bet!

    I would take the pedals tomorrow! Treasure them.

    • I didn’t know this. I purchased the pedals because I liked the look and feel of them. They still spin beautifully. Like silk!

      Was this a cycling speed record?

      Thank you for commenting.

      • This is fascinating. I didn’t know there is a roller competition. That’s a BIG gear and I suspect very difficult to get rolling on your own.

        Well, I see the Barelli pedals in a different light. Knowing this I must repurpose them and get them back on the road.

        Thanks for this.

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