5 gift ideas …

I stopped at the beach on the way home from the office today.

I often stop for water after each lap around the park.  It was sunny but windy and, I was cold.  I stopped to put on arm and leg warmers.  I got to thinking.

I cycle in the city with a small back pack.  It is easier and more convenient than a pannier and, the pack always contains the following items:

  1. Padded cycling gloves
  2. Sun glasses
  3. Leg warmers
  4. Arm warmers
  5. Cycling cap

These items are small, light and easily packed.  I am always prepared for a change of weather.  In this part of the world, the mornings are often cool and overcast and, the afternoons sunny, warm and sometimes windy.

When I was a “newbie”, I didn’t own this clothing.  I didn’t know they existed.  These days, I don’t leave the house without them if I know I will be out more than a few hours.

If you are looking for a gift for a cycling friend or partner, consider giving warmers, gloves, a cap or tinted sunglasses.  They make a perfect gift and are items a “newbie” may not purchase for themselves.

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