Filzer Cycling Tools

Over the years, I have become a fan of the Filzer bike tools and accessories.

Filzer is a Vancouver, BC company.  All tools and accessories are designed by “Phil” (I don’t know his last name), a young enterprising engineer. His products are innovative, well designed and reasonably priced.  I have purchased a lot of bike tools.  All of the major brands.  Some are less expensive, many more costly but none are as pleasing to use as the Filzer’s.  Quality speaks loudly.  It says nice.  Refined.  Elegant.  Nice on the eyes.  Nice to the touch.  And, nice to use.  The Filzer products are nice.

I have been reorganizing the shop.  Trying to get more tools out of the boxes and more easily accessible.  In the process, I pulled out all of the tools and noticed I have accumulated a growing selection of the Filzer products.  I put them on the bench and took the above photos simply out of curiosity only to learn I have more items than I realized and, they are the tools I use most frequently.

Filzer keeps their prices low by cutting out middle men and extensive distribution channels.  Their products can only be purchased from MEC or Amazon.  If I were starting over, I would begin with them.  And now, when I need a replacement or new tool, Filzer is all I buy.

I value small, local businesses and, support them as much as possible.  I won’t compromise quality but have learned the best quality is produced by small operations with specialized, focused skills.

But I digress.  Buying local is the subject for another post.  It is a bigger issue than I am prepared to tackle at this time.  I simply want to give a shoutout to Filzer for a job well done.  Nice tools.  Nice accessories.  And, an imaginative business model.

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