Hats and glasses …

Hats and sun glasses are an integral part of my kit.

I have hats for all weather conditions.  Toques.  Ear warmers.  Cycling caps.  I wear them all, under a helmet of course.  And, I wear sunglasses all year.  My favourite has interchangeable coloured lenses – clear, yellow, rose and brown.  I wear these mostly, selecting a lens that best fits the condition.

Since the mandatory helmet laws were introduced, the cycling cap is not worm so much and, instead, has become a fashion statement for the young, urban cyclist.  The fixie crowd.  This is unfortunate.  I have always liked the cycling cap.  It is stylish, functional and comfortable.  It keeps the rain, sweat and sun out of your eyes and the head warm in cooler weather.  The peak can be worn up or down when additional shade and protection is needed.  I keep one in my pack at all times.

I am sensitive to light and wear sun glasses all year.  Interchangeable lenses make riding more enjoyable for me by keeping the wind out of my eyes and reducing glare without limiting vision.  There is a colour that best fits each weather condition.

  • Yellow lens provide maximum contrast for foggy, dim, or high-speed days. They have 0.86% blue light, 85% visible light transmission.
  • Clear lens provides an option for night use. They also fully block UV and have 1% blue light, 93.2% visible light transmission.
  • Rose lens enhance contrast and remove glare in bright or overcast conditions. They have 4.3% blue light and 45.6% visible light transmission.
  • Brown lens have 3.15% blue light, 13.58% visible light transmission.

In the grey, winter months, I wear the clear lenses a lot.  This time of year when it is sunny but with a lot of cloud, I prefer either the yellow or rose lenses.  And, for bright sunlight, I wear the brown.  My favourite, it seems, is the rose lens.

If you have not tried different colour lens or, a cycling cap, I suggest you try them.  They reduce the glare even in low light conditions, enhance contrast making your world a much more interesting place and, keep your head warm.

2 thoughts on “Hats and glasses …

  1. I, too, wear lenses all year round, even if it’s just a clear lens. It was always essential when mountain biking, but I think the same applies on the road with grit/stones off the front tyre, insects and even rain. I’ve moved over to a cycling cap under my helmet rather than just a skullcap. It still soaks up sweat, but the brim gives a bit of added protection.

    • Oh ya. I forgot to mention insects. Thanks for the reminder. I cycle a lot off road as well. In the bush. There are times when the insects are very noticeable, a big problem without glasses.

      Glad to hear you also wear a cap. I have tied everything but find them to be the most serviceable. Sizing can be a problem. A lot are made one-size. I have to try several on before finding one that isn’t too tight. I must have a big head.

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