I am a tired puppy

I am a tired puppy.

I cycled over 250 km last week, more than any previous week this year.  That wasn’t the plan but the weather turned warm, summer like in fact, and it was difficult getting home after work without doing laps in Stanley Park or climbs up to UBC.  And, the mornings were so nice, I would take a circuteous route to the office as well doing 20 km instead of the usual 6.

Warm weather does that to me.  And, I am not the only one.  This past week brought a lot of cyclists out.  Some, I suspect, for the first time this year.  And others, like me, extending their daily commutes.  I started with a 70 km group ride on Sunday then, a 60 km jaunt up to UBC on Wednesday and, a 40 km training ride on Thursday instead of the usual spinning class.

I felt fine throughout the week wanting to ride even more.  On Saturday it rained.  I did a weight workout instead.  Mostly legs.  That was my downfall.  Today, I can hardly move.  My legs are limp.  And stiff.  I need a few days of rest.  What’s that?  Rest?  It is sunny again and will be all week.

Does that mean another 250+ week?

I left the office early this afternoon.  It was warm, summer like again.  You know the feeling.  Short sleeves and sun screen kind of weather.  I couldn’t resist and did laps around the park again.  Another 40 km on the way home.

Look at tomorrow’s forecast.  Sunny.  21 degrees.

Imagine if I lived in a warmer climate all year.

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