I need more room for the bikes …

I needed more room for the bikes.  Around here they multiply like rabbits.  Each month another appears.

Originally, the bike workshop was setup to hang 4 bikes.  My Bikes.  Before long that was insufficient.  My son needed a secure place to lock his mountain bikes.  And, there is always a new, refurbished bike in the works.  There was no place to keep them other than against a wall, cabinet or work bench.  I couldn’t move without first moving a bike, the work stand or something.

Last weekend I visited a local bike shop looking for examples of custom paint jobs.  Yes, there is another in the works.  My son is converting an old frame of mine into a better fitting commuter for himself.  But I digress.  At the back of the shop I noticed a number of bikes hanging against the wall, similar to the way I have hung my bikes.  But there was a difference.  They were more bikes in a similar space.  When I looked more closely, I noticed the bikes were staggered, one hanging higher to the one next to it.  Using this method, the bikes could be hung closer to one another making much more efficient use of the wall space.

I can do that?

My son and I spent this weekend re-arranging the shop hanging 7 bikes on the same wall where only 4 hung previously.  Now the floor is clear of all bikes.  There is twice the work space than before.  And, a bike can be hung up or taken down without bumping into something.

If you have too many bikes and need more room to work, give this a try.

What will I do when the next bike appears?


8 thoughts on “I need more room for the bikes …

  1. LOL

    I have already run out of room in the shop. There are more bikes in the house and another on the way. Over the years, my stable of bikes has grown from 2 (one for me and one for my wife) to ~ 15 and still growing.

  2. 15 bikes for how many family members? 3? I have 4 bikes, 1 where I am now and remaining ones in Vancouver. Long story. But I do ride them when I’m around. He has ..um 4 bikes…1 just got transferred to Toronto where he will keep it with son whenever he visits T.O. Which means he has to buy another bike for Calgary…

    So we leave bikes in different cities…because it’s places we visit /live. I actually gave away my 5th bike after riding it for 9 years, to a sister in Toronto. I always have a bike when I visit. And I do ride it. (She hasn’t yet..anyway. :))

    So consider dropping off a bike under the care of a good friend or another family member.

    • There are 3 of us.

      When I travel, I like to take a bike. I have a hard case for the plane and a hitch bike rack for 2 on the vehicle. I have a place in TO but no bikes. I don’t visit frequently enough (yet). If I do, I will leave one of them there. I love cycling the rural roads in southern Ontario.

  3. The more I think about it, it makes way more sense to leave a well used bike with a family member or good friend in another province/city, not only to use but for whomever they wish. We can’t always assume we will always be around……to ride that bike. So it’s a mini-donation in the future.

    I only visit Toronto 1-2 times per year but 95% of my extended family are there. I don’t feel bad leaving behind the bike because it’s the lst bike I bought and ride obsessively for 9 yrs. when I returned to cycling in my early 30’s. Right now, the bike geometry feels a tad tight for me and the gearing isn’t perfect.

    My sister is ok with storage…that means she doesn’t have to schlep me around town (although she isn’t too far from a subway station) when she’s busy with her young children, etc. I don’t drive.

    • It makes a lot of sense. And, it encourages others to get on a bike if they are not so inclined. My problem is I never like to part with my bikes. I keep upgrading them and keep riding them.

      My son has just stripped down one of the very first bikes I rode as an adult. It must be 40 years old and I got it used. He has had made some frame adjustments, is going to paint it and re-assemble with the collection of spare parts we have hanging around. The frame fits him perfectly and he is going to use it as a commuter/touring bike.

      • That’s amazing for an “antique” bike that is happily repurposed. Your son will treasure it.

    • I hope so. In fact, we have a number of repurposed bikes that we share and cherish. This is the one that really got me back into cycling 40 years ago. I was overweight and needed to lose a lot. Little did I know it would become a life long passion.

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