Bicycle gears …

I recently published a post addressing different cranksets and the need to match your range of gearing with both your skill level and the terrain you are riding.  This video by Georgena Terry is the best explanation of bicycle gearing I have seen.

Georgena Terry is a steel frame builder perhaps best known for making smaller frames for women cyclists.  She builds exquisite bikes but her real strength, at least in my mind, is her innate ability to visually explain complex design concepts.  Frame geometry.  Wheel sizing.  Bicycle fit.  Gearing.  Lugged vs TIG-ed frames.  Bicycle maintenance.  She has produced a series of videos I would recommend cyclists of all levels watch.   The “Tech Talk” tab on her website ( also contains a lot of very useful information.

Become acquainted with Georgena.  You will gain a better appreciation for bike design, how to fit & maintain your bike and, how to purchase your next bike.



2 thoughts on “Bicycle gears …

  1. I do disagree with the notion that you can’t ride in the big ring up front and the big ring in back (or vice-versa with small). I do it ALL the time (meaning frequency, not duration). The reason most people don’t advocate you do it is because the front derailleur can’t work within that range. There are work arounds – such as friction shifters or if you prefer indexing, there are “brifters” made which do micro-adjustments.

    Chain wear, however, is not a concern of mine. Sure, there is some added stress, but not significant enough from other gears to be a concern.

  2. Me too. I am often on the big/big and small/small rings on the doubles, not so much on the triple. I am always reminded not to do it but I persist but like you, it is never for very long.

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