Have you noticed the number of cyclists wearing tattoos?


Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 8.05.24 AMHere are 50 badass tattoos.

I have not seen any of them on the road but have noticed more and more cyclists in this area are wearing colourful tattoos on their calves, ankles and forearms.

Let me know if you see any of them on your roads.

8 thoughts on “Have you noticed the number of cyclists wearing tattoos?

    • That’s the thing. Why cover them up? More and more I see riders with them proudly displayed on their calves, ankles and arms where they are easily seen at least by other cyclists.

      I don’t have any (yet) but have grown to really like them on both men and women.

      • I only get tattoos where I can cover them in a professional setting. I just had this conversation with a judge two days ago (outside of his court of course). Fair or not, the first thing any professional sees tattoos in the open (neck, face, forearm etc.), the first thing you think is that they don’t care about their appearance or respect anyone else. I won’t be that guy. Period.

        Funny thing is, it doesn’t matter of anyone else thinks I’m wrong or even a jerk for feeling this way. I’m the one who gives the jobs in my little world. Having tattoos where they show means the person values showing off personally over their job or my company. Good luck getting a job from me with that strike against you. Too many fish in the sea.

      • I hear you.

        I have worked in the professional services sector most of my career and, as much as I like tattoos, have been reluctant to get one concerned what others might think. Interestingly, I see more tattoos on my clients – accountants, lawyers and small business owners – than ever before. It is certainly not the norm but the younger generation are more accepting. And, on the bike, I see a lot more on calves, ankles and forearms where they would go unnoticed in a business suit.

  1. what weirdos who does that? I’m actually planning a bike specific tattoo for my next piece ill post it when i get it done, i cover my arms when i ride due to the amount of time and money invested, and sun destroys tattoos over time, my legs are all fun non serious, i just spray sunscreen on them when i remember, I’m heavily tattooed both arms, one full leg and my entire chest, tattoos and cycling haven’t really mixed to much in my experience but every now and then ill see some riders who have a fair amount of work, unless you count the urban fixie hipsters those guys are usually pretty covered, I’m fortunate the medical field especially the psychiatric nursing field doesn’t care if i have showing tattoos, only if i do my job well which i do

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