Cycling clothing …

There was a time when I was a clothes hound.

I used to have my clothes tailored – pants, suites and dress shirts.  I have to admit they fit very well and I was always in style, whatever that might mean.  But over the years, as my responsibilities grew, my clothing budget changed.  I had a mortgage, kids to school and loans to repay.  I still wore fashionable clothing to the office but they were purchased off-the-rack.  They never fit as well or, looked as good.

You see, I have odd body proportions.  If not odd, at least not the same as off-the-rack items.  My thighs are large, probably from all the cycling, and my butt small.  It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a pair of pants that are comfortable, except when standing.  When I walk it is as if my thighs are playing tug of war with one another.  And when I sit, the waist is pinched.  My shoulders and chest are large and my waist proportionally small.  This means that shirts that fit me in the shoulders are baggy everywhere else.  Or, if they fit the body, the shoulders are too tight.

So, over the years, I began to pay less attention to fashion.  I could never get a fit that was comfortable and was always having to buy clothes too large and hopefully have them altered but that never seemed to work well.

You are asking “What does this have to do with cycling?.

Well, cycling clothes are the only clothes I like to wear.  They are comfortable.  They fit me in all of the right places.  They are made of materials that move with me.  I love wearing bib shorts.  I can move in them and, like a pair of overalls, they do not cut into the waist.  Cycling jerseys too.  They fit everywhere.  Cycling clothing is designed for movement.

If I had my way, I would wear cycling clothes all of the time.  And, sometimes I do.  You see, I pay less attention to fashion than I do comfort.  I say all this partly tongue-in-cheek.  I do wear other clothes.  They are all a relaxed fit and mostly casual.  T-shirts.  Jeans.  Big.  And, baggy. I am not a clothes hound any longer.

Well, I am not a clothes hound except when on my bike.  Then, I am both fashionable and comfortable.

Now, if I could only find a way to earn a living on a bike.  Or, is that what retirement looks like?

4 thoughts on “Cycling clothing …

  1. I’ve got a post coming up on this….but I’ve thrown cycling jerseys to the side for high quality merino tee’s. They’re amazing. I look goofy on the bike, but I’m comfortable!

  2. I can relate completely. My days of Armani are long gone – about the time my son was born was the last time I spent that amount of money on clothes. But somehow, those smart Italians have wormed their way back in to my closet. Where it’s unthinkable now for me to buy a jacket or shirt at Armani like prices, I’ll drop a similar amount of money down for Castelli. Oh well, what can I say, its good to have a hobby. And it could be worse …. I could be in to Italian cars … (or that’s what I tell my wife ….)

    • Funny how that has happened. I am not into Castelli. I wear a lot of Louis Garneau. It’s not cheap but like the Castelli items, they arei comfortable. Once a hound, always a hound.

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