Where do you put your cell phone?

Where do you put your cell phone on a ride?

I always carry my phone in case of an emergency.  I turn the ringer off.  I don’t want to be disturbed.  Ride time is my time.  I put it in one of my jersey pockets along with fuel for the ride.  That is until recently.  Now that I am a Strava user, I want to see the map and statistics during the ride.

I have tried two phone holders designed for the bike.  Topeak has a stem mount holder retailing for $50 CAD.  It is well made and nice looking.  However, it does not support the larger iPhone 5C.  My Phone.  The case on the 5C is a little thicker than the 5S.  I tried only to be disappointed.  I like the look and quality.  Delta also make a holder, the SmartPhone Caddy II, designed for all size of phones.  It’s half the price, more practical and, also well made.  Initially, I did not like the look – the red elastic cord that enables the holder to fit any and all phones – but have since grown to really like it.  It easy to slip the phone in and, at the end of the ride, remove it.  And, it’s secure.  There is no worry a bumpy ride will jar it loose.  It too either mounts on the stem or handlebars.

I am using it on the Roberts.  My new commuter.  My training bike.  I love that bike!  I am considering purchasing another for the Garneau.  I love it too but for different reasons.  I plan on riding both bikes a lot this season and don’t want to be without my map, speed, elapsed time and elevation gain.

If you are interested in getting your phone out of your jersey pocket, the SmartPhone Caddy II is available from MEC.ca for $22.50 CAD.

And, if you are wondering, I still turn the ringer off.  Remember, that’s my time.

9 thoughts on “Where do you put your cell phone?

  1. I have a fully waterproof pouch I put my HTC One in and keep it in my middle jersey pocket. The pouch obviously keeps the rain out but also protects the phone from sweat. I was using the phone to record rides/runs on Strava but I had issues with the heart rate monitor disconnecting. I’ve now got a Garmin Edge 800 and have a 310xt on order (I know the 310xt can be used with a quick release kit on the bike, but the the 800 has a better screen size for the bike, more data fields and navigation).

    • I think we may have had this discussion previously. I thought you, like me, had yet to purchase the Garmin Edge. I have been on the fence for a couple of years now. I keep asking “Will I really benefit spending $450?” on another gadget. For now, I am enjoying Strava. I didn’t think I needed it (although the price is right). I guess I don’t understand why you need both. I know the Garmin talks to Strava but what else does it do for you? What does it do that Strava can’t?

      • I very recently bought the Garmin Edge 800. It comes with cadence/speed sensors as well as an ANT+ heart rate monitor (I use an unreliable Zephyr HxM with the phone using Bluetooth). The Garmin has a multitude of fields to choose from and display how your want as well, it has navigation of uploaded routes (maps can be added free with OpenStreetMaps and routes created or added with RideMyGPS) and it’s located perfectly under your face to view the data as you ride. The bike mount is more secure than most phone mounts. The idea of the Garmin 310xt is, obviously, for running, but means I can see my pace data and distance run while I’m on the go. It means I can achieve planned training distances easier and I don’t need to take a heavier phone on shorter runs.

      • I thought so.

        I hear nothing but good things about the device. It may be next. For now, since I am new to the phone apps thing, I’ll continue with Strava. There are some things I like about it. I question the accuracy at times – speed and distance – and understand the Garmin is much more accurate and has access to additional military satellites.

        Keep me posted on your Garmin experience. I’d like to know what you think of it after month of riding with it. Are you continuing to use Strava as well?

  2. i have a life proof case for my phone they make a bar mount, which i have yet to purchase, but i usually keep in my back pocket with strava and pandora going with one earphone so i can still answer a call if need be, I’ve been kicking around the idea of a garmin though, but i have no idea which to get 500$ is a good chunk of change towards a wheel set too

    • I’m also on the fence about the Garmin. Do I really need more toys? Strava provides all the information I need and more. And yet, there are a lot of riders using it. I like your idea about Pandora. I usually do not listen to music on the road but may give it a try with a single ear plug.

  3. I carry my phone in a pocket in my Berthoud 28 front bag. It’s right there for me to access. I have an otterbox that is waterproof and can support the weight of a pickup truck.

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