Cycle Geek

I am a tech geek.

There.  I admit it.  All my professional life, I have been on the “bleeding” edge of technology – from mainframes to minis to laptops to smartphones – always on the lookout to do things faster, better and more elegantly.  That is, except when it comes to cycling.  No, I am a traditional cyclists.  I still like steel frames and, although I appreciate the benefits of cycling specific apparel, I prefer a more traditional look.  So, it is no surprise that I am late to the game when smartphone GPS apps are concerned.  A stem mounted, wireless cycle commuter was more than enough recording elapsed time and speed.  What else would I need?

Well, all that has changed.  Recently, after years of prodding from my kids, I purchased an iPhone.  What was wrong with the BB I have been using for a decade?  Apart from the company going bankrupt, it is not as easy to use nor are there the variety of apps available.  Now, I am a convert.  Even better.  An advocate.  I even have a Strava account.  Me?  A Strava account?  Who would have thought?  I use the app all the time regardless which bike I am riding.  It tells me more than I ever need to know.  Time.  Speed.  Elevation change.  Heart rate.  And, it is so pretty to look at.  Graphs.  Maps.  Pictures.  And, apart from the cost of my phone, it’s free.

Do you have a Strava account?  If not, try it.  It’s not just for competitive cyclists.  Not just for tech geeks.  It’s a valuable tool to plan routes and, when you get lost, find a way back.

Touring cyclists must love it.

7 thoughts on “Cycle Geek

  1. Been using Strava with smartphone last few months. As ever, annoyingly addicted to gadgets/software. I love the stats. Already ordered Garmin 800!

    • Me too. Also considering the Garmin. Keep resisting the impulse. What are we to do?

      I see you ride in north west England. Have you ever cycled in Scotland and, if so, would you recommend it? I am considering a trip to those parts.

      • I’ve not cycled in Scotland yet, but hope to. I’m looking to get to North Wales and The Lake District asap. I’m from Kent originally and did most of my xc mtb’ing there which was pretty good. Also been to Exmoor/Quantocks on the xc mtb.which was awesome.

  2. I’ve played with Google Glass combined with Strava – pretty damn amazing!!

    But my dear cycle geek…since I know you get excited by awesome tech…have you seen the world’s first bicycle radar? Would love to know what you think! (

    Some Google Glass integration on the cards there too 😉

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