Lance: How To Fix A Flat… And I Actually Learned Something Worthwhile.

Interesting post. Does Lance have a new job? Caps aren’t cool.

Fit Recovery

Once in a while I run out of good stuff to write about.  Hey, you put out a minimum of one post a day for more than a couple of years and it can happen (1,418 posts and counting).  When I run into this wall I like to check out the cycling magazine websites for a topic – and if I’m lucky, I find a good one.  Like today.

When I change a tire, I’ve always completely removed the tire from the rim to check for pebbles, glass or metal stuck in the tire.  It never dawned on my that I don’t actually have to – so leave it up to Lance to show how it’s done (and Bicycling Magazine to write bring it to light – thanks Bicycling Magazine):

Another trick I liked was blowing into the presta valve to get the initial bit of air in the tube…

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