Well, I think I am ready …

Well, I think I am ready for the 2014 Pacific Populaire.

I am better prepared physically than last year. This week I rode more than 200 km in preparation on more difficult routes.  This time last year I had put in a few long rides but not this kind of volume or intensity.  Nor had I frequented a spinning class or visited the gym as regularly during the winter months.

I also have a “new” bike for the event designed specifically for long distance rides. I have needed to make a few minor adjustments.  Rain is expected Sunday, so I have installed a set of fenders to protect me, the bike and other riders from road spray.  I have also changed to the Selle Italia saddle, a more prostate friendly design.  And, I have added the ToPeak iPhone mount to the Robert’s stem so that the Strava display is in sight the entire ride.

And, I know a lot more about nutrition and hydration. For the past year, I have experimented with the Vega “Prepare”, “Sustain” and “Recovery” products.  In addition, I plan on taking a peanut butter and banana sandwich and a few Cliff Bars.  I only used the gels last year but found I was hungry and, near the end, tired.

Today and tomorrow will be rest days.  I’ll walk and stretch a lot but stay off the bike so that I am fresh for the ride.  Unfortunately, I have picked up a cold and will do my best to get rid of it by Sunday.  Rest.  Eat well.  And, drink a lot of fluids.  Otherwise, I’ll pull out the Tylenol and throat lozenges.

Can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Well, I think I am ready …

  1. good luck ill be going a a half fondo next weekend at the seaotter classic, and i too will be more prepared, last year i walked about half of the last 3 mile 2000 foot climb, i bonked out, this year will be different proper nutrition and training are my goal!

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