The good and the bad …

The Good

The weather was more seasonal today enabling me to get a long ride in before the Pacific Populaire this weekend.  I was planning on a 75-80 km ride.  In the end, I rode more than 100 km.

I stopped twice.  Once, after 45 km for 15-20 minutes for lunch and again, after 90 km when I thought I was done.  However, I was feeling good and, since it was sunny and warm, I decided to cycle longer culminating with a 4 km climb similar to next weekend’s ride.

Surprisingly, I felt well.  My hands were never numb, my back never sore and the neck and shoulders relaxed.  That’s unusual for the first long ride of the season.  Perhaps it is the winter training regimen.  Or maybe, it is the Roberts steel frame.  Whatever the reason, it was an enjoyable solo ride.  When the adrenalin kicks in next weekend, I expect to maintain an even faster pace.

I have a few minor adjustments to make.  The left pedal is still too tight.  I need to slacken the tension.  Otherwise. the equipment performed flawlessly.  The brakes.  Shifting.  The compact chainrings make a difference for a long cycle.  I spin faster and more easily and yet still maintain the same pace.  The fit is comfortable and powerful.  Climbing is actually enjoyable.  An effort.  But enjoyable.  I am confident I can summit without bonking even at the end of the day.  The new Michelin 700c x 25mm tires more forgiving.

I wore my rain cycling jacket with 2 light layers underneath.  I was cold in the morning hours and hot in the afternoon.  I am not certain what to do.  Perhaps a heavier layer depending on Sunday’s weather.

I drank 2 bottles of water supplemented with the Vega electrolytes.  And, a cup of coffee when I stopped.  I was concerned because I only have one bottle cage on the Roberts.  I’ll be fine.  We have to stop midway for a checkpoint when I can refill.  I stopped briefly to eat, something I do not usually do.  It seemed to help.  Next weekend, I will carry a sandwich to eat when stopped at the checkpoint in addition to several Vega gels along the way.

All in all, I was pleased with the ride.  It was longer than planned.  The equipment performed well.  The body performed well.  I was pleased with myself.

That is until I got home.

The Bad

My 30 year old son also went for a ride today with one of his friends.  They left the house the same time as me and rode up to Squamish and back, a total of 160 km.  They returned minutes after me.  They did 160 km in the same approximate time it took me to do 110 km.  They had one another for motivation.  I rode solo.  I stopped twice.  They didn’t.  They rode 6 hours solid on the highway and averaged 27 kph.  I was out for 6 hours in the city, stopped twice for maybe an hour and averaged ~ 23 kph.

Oh, to be 30 again.



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