Hardwell on the ride …

Spinning classes have taught me many things. How to measure power. How to climb with less effort. How to recover faster. How to measure maximal effort. And, how music, at the right tempo, can assist training efforts.

My instructor – I call her my instructor because I only attend her classes – uses a carefully selected playlist that regulates the tempo for each segment of a simulated ride.  Slower on long climbs.  Faster on the flats.  She lays out a ride first and then selects appropriate music at the right tempo for each portion of the ride.  It’s clever.  You don’t even notice but work accordingly without the need for many cues.  The music complements the session.

I wanted to do the same when I spin alone.  Unfortunately, I do not have a large selection of music on my iPhone or iPod.  Nor, do I have the time or interest to search for more appropriate pieces.  And, I don’t want to pay.

A colleague suggested Hardwell’s weekly podcasts.  Hardwell is a 25 year old Dutch DJ acclaimed to be the world’s #1 DJ.  Each week he publishes a 60 minute podcast featuring top tunes that can be downloaded from iTunes free of charge.  The podcast is free of ads and all selections have a 120-130 bpm tempo, perfect for my solo spin workouts.

It’s free.  It changes each week.  And, it is the right tempo for cardio workouts.

I don’t listen on the road but find it very helpful in the gym on the spinning bike.

Do you know of other good sources?


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