Weather watcher …

I am a weather watcher.

Every morning I check the weather forecasst.  On TV.  On my laptop.  And, on my iPhone.  The weather determines whether I ride to work or take public transit.  I want to cycle but, I must admit, I avoid the heavy, wet weather.  In March, you can never be certain.  It can be wet, cold and windy.  Or, it can be warm and dry.  Warm and dry gets me back on the bike.  Wet and windy keeps me inside.

I have under 2 weeks to prepare for the Pacific Populaire, a 100 km group ride.  I need warm and dry.  I need to put in some saddle hours.  This week I want to complete a 75 km ride.  It looks like tomorrow afternoon is my best chance.  But tomorrow is my spinning class.  Can I do both a 75 km road ride and a 60 minute spinning class the same day?  That may be too much.  It’s either or, not both.

Which would be best?

I will ride the Roberts to the office in the morning and, if it is sunny in the afternoon, I will complete multiple laps around Stanley Park, making it a 75 km outing.  If is wet, I am heading to the spinning class and hope for better weather on the weekend.

The good thing is that April 6, ride day, if forecast to be sunny and 6 degrees.  Dry but a little cold for these old bones.

Do you pay this much attention to the weather?

7 thoughts on “Weather watcher …

  1. I pay LOTS of attention to the weather-2 apps on my phone and always look at a situation map every day to check out the isobars. Its 2nd nature after playing a lifetime of cricket and a normal obsession in my daily routine as a commuter

    • Glad I am not the only one. I never complain about the weather. In this part of the world, you can always get outside provided you have rain gear. It’s just that riding and training in the rain isn’t much fun.

  2. im not much of a weather watcher only because the weather where i live is very mild and dosent change often, but today it did rain although much needed it did put a damper on my mid week ride, ill be doing a 55 mile half fondo with 2000ft of climbing in the last 4 miles and i need to get in a few training rides

  3. Oh yeah, the weather dictates everything around here. Oklahoma is absolutely crazy when it comes to the weather. Yesterday was 45 degrees with 30 mph winds and rain, today it will be 76 degrees with 35 mph winds but no rain. I have not plucked up enough courage to go cycling in the 25 mph + winds yet, I was thinking about it today but we will see. What is your limit in terms of wind speed? We are coming up to storm/ tornado season here in Oklahoma now so things should get pretty interesting weather wise.

    • Wind is the worse. Unrelenting. Winds can be worse than a long climb – it never stops. You wouldn’t find me out in 30 mph winds for long. I drop down on the bars, spin in a low gear and curse a lot.

      • That’s what I am dealing with here today. Sustained winds at 25mph and gusts over 35 mph. I was hoping to get out on the bike today, but I think I will wait for another day when the wind won’t try to re-arrange my face so much.

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