Training for the 2014 Pacific Populaire

2014 Pacific Populaire

Three weeks until the Pacific Pupulaire, a 100 km group ride around parts of Vancouver and Richmond.  I have been training in the gym and on the spinning bike all winter but I am certainly not saddle ready.  The first long ride of the season is a challenge.  The legs and butt are not accustomed to 4-5 hours on the road.

200 KM/Week

I have 3 weeks left to prepare.  I am planning a 60-65 km ride this weekend and a 75-80 km ride the following weekend.  I will also commute to work 3 days a week and put on extra kilometres on the way home, completing laps around Stanley Park and repeat climbs up the Prospect Point Hill.  That’s 175-200 km a week on the road.  I will also continue with the 75 minute spinning class that I am enjoying so much, probably on Thursday evening instead of Sunday, keeping the day open for longer rides.

I am also going to lose a few pounds following the tips from the video in my previous post.  The less weight I carry, the easier the ride will be.  In particular, I plan to postpone breakfast until after a morning ride, eat a larger breakfast and smaller portion dinner.

Inaugural Roberts Ride

And, I plan to ride the rebuilt Roberts.  Although the bike is heavier than the Garneau, it will be more comfortable, if a little slower.  I have a few items to fine tune on the bike (still working on the fit) but expect to have them done within a few days.  I intend to train on it over the next several weeks so that I am confident it is setup and tuned optimally for the ride.

In Memory

The ride is scheduled for Sunday, April 6, my father’s birthday.  He would have been 98 this year.  I’ll think of him the whole ride.  The health problems he experienced late in life motivated me to cycle more, strengthen my heart, reduce my weight and eat a more balanced diet.  This ride is for you Dad.

Are you planning a century this Spring?  It is an excellent way to begin the season.  It motivates you to get our on the road early and builds enthusiasm for the rest of the season.

7 thoughts on “Training for the 2014 Pacific Populaire

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  2. Long rides are almost all mental. If you bonk, you’re hit but other than that, put yourself out there and hit it. Worse comes to worst, you can take it easy and spin for a few miles till you feel right again. If you really bonk, stop and eat somewhere. Take a few to chill or even stretch out in the grass somewhere… In fact I did that on a 200k and my last 30k were my fastest, just shy of 20 mph – solo. Get this into your head: I can. Every thought that counters “I can”, squash it immediately. I believe in you brother. You can.

    • Thanks for the encouragement.

      I’ll finish it just may not be pretty. I have talked my son and daughter’s boyfriend to also do the ride. My son is fast, strong and experienced. He helps pace me and drops back to help me when I fall off the pace. The boyfriend has never done a long group ride. He might bonk. Big time. He hasn’t really trained and is unfamiliar with his nutritional needs. I introduced him to cycling last year so I would like to see him finish.

      • Good luck man. You ever see an ironman triathlete look pretty when they cross the line? Me neither. Finishing is what matters.

  3. good luck ill be doing a 54 mile half fondo the next weekend at the seaotter with 2000ft of climbing at the last 3.5 miles, last year was my first year doing it and first time riding that far and i bonked at about mile 52 and had to walk most of the last climb, this year will be different, nutrition and training are a must!

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