Another flat …

flat-tyreAnother flat.  Another lesson.

I was on the way to the office this morning planning for a 35-50 km ride on the way home this evening in preparation for the Pacific Populaire.  Another flat.  The same wheel,  This time I had air.  I had purchased a supply of CO2 cartridges the other day.  I had tire irons.  But, and this is a BIG but, I did not have either a patch kit or spare tube.  I was planning to stop at MEC on the way home and pick up several spare tubes for all of the bikes.

You would think I had learned my lesson last time.  You would think.  I walked home and search the workshop high and low for either another tube or patch kit.  Can you believe it. I have everything in that shop.  More than I need.  Everything except the means to repair the most common bike problem.  A flat tire.

The good thing is that I took the Roberts instead.  Its maiden ride.  A treat.  More on that later once I have tinkered a little more with the seat positioning and recovered from this misadventure.

3 thoughts on “Another flat …

  1. all my bike have under seat bags with a tube multi tool levers and inflator and co2 and patch kit abut a 40$ investment for each bike, new scott addict roadie, 04′ specialized endure pro mtb and my giant bowery custom single speed “coffee getter”, i hate playing musical bike kits and shuffling around lights and tools and patch kits, that way i know each bike is outfitted when i want to go ride, i also have shoes for each and helmets for each too

    • Me too. Except I neglected to replace the tube and cartridge when they were last used. I’d like to blame someone else (the workshop is used by a few of us) but it’s my responsibility to check. I have 3 bikes, 3 seat bags and 2 pair of shoes (I use the same road bike shoes on both the Garneau and Roberts).

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