How pro cyclists lose weight …

Cyclists know the lighter they are the easier they climb and the faster they travel.  But what do the pros do to reach their optimum weight?

I discovered this video on YouTube.  It outlines 10 practical tips to lose weight; things we can all easily work into our daily routines.

I already do several of these things.  I drink black coffee.  I use electrolyte drinks on training rides.  I regularly add mileage to my daily commutes.  I am going to try delaying breakfast until after my morning commute, eat better on training rides and less during the evening.

I have a century coming up in 3 weeks, the Pacific Populaire, and would like to drop 5 pounds beforehand.

3 thoughts on “How pro cyclists lose weight …

  1. Working on dropping about 50lbs by the end of the year I’m 265-70lbs would like to be about 215-20lbs, started in jan of 11′ at close to 400lbs and through a drastic lifestyle change I’ve dropped about 120lbs by changing my eating habits and taking up Thai boxing and cycling

    • That’s incredible.

      Cycling can certainly do it. In fact, it is the reason I began cycling seriously over 30 years ago. My weight fluctuates but the more regularly I ride, the more I lose. Ten years ago, I weighed 225 pounds. Today, I am 170-175 pounds. My ideal weight is 165-170 but I have a difficult time maintaining it.

      I liked the suggestions in the video. Things we can all do regardless what level of cyclist we are.

      Good luck and keep pedalling.

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