My cycling jackets …

I have a jacket fetish.  Not just cycling jackets but jackets of all kinds.  I collect them it seems and, for the most part, wear them all. I have jackets for work.  Jackets for recreation.  And, jackets for cycling.

I do not apologize for this.  I like to ride and prefer to be warm and dry.  Having outer wear for all reasons, means I ride more frequently.  And, I seldom pay full price.  I look for deals. Even slightly used jackets find my closet.

When I put them all together like this (I have never done it previously), I notice they are white, black, red or a combination of these colours.  They match my bikes.  That is important.  You want to look the part.  Also, I notice of the six jackets are made by Louis Garneau (LG).  They fit me best and I would rather be comfortable than fashionable.

Do I need 6 cycling jackets?  Probably not.  I also have arm wormers to keep me worm.  Do I wear them all?  Yes.  Do I have a favourite?  No.  They are all favourites depending on the weather conditions.

Do you have a cycling jacket?  More than one?  If not, I suggest you purchase a jacket for each season.  You will ride more often.  I am not crazy about cycling in the rain but the cold and windy days are fun.

3 thoughts on “My cycling jackets …

  1. i have zero cycling jacket because i live in California and it rarely dips below 50 even in the winter, but i do wear compression sleeves mostly to cover my tattoos from the sun, and i have leg warmers for the colder sub 50 degree days, most of the time its bibs compression top or sleeves and a jersey, sorry to rub in my excellent riding weather

    • I was thinking about that. The reason I need different weight jackets is because of the variety of weather we experience in the Pacific Northwest. I envy you. I much prefer riding in sunny, warm conditions. I would save a lot on clothing if I were to move to a warmer climate.

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