Back on the bikes

I am back on the bikes with renewed enthusiasm and a GPS app.

The weather is warm and dry.  And, the days are longer.  Time to get back on the bikes.  This week I completed 3 rides, each approximately 50 km – one on my road bike and two on my commuter on the way home from the office – all in preparation for the annual Pacific Populaire, a 100 km ride.

It was invigorating to get back on the bikes.  Surprisingly, I felt strong.  The winter indoor training has helped both my conditioning and pedalling technique.  Compared to last year, I am stronger and more determined.

I have a new smartphone, an iPhone 5C.  Since I always carry a phone on my rides in the event of an emergency, I thought I would try one of the many cycling GPS apps.  I was considering investing in one of the Garmin cycling computers but the iPhone apps just make sense (if they work).

My first ride was approximately 3 hours.  The battery died after 2.5 hours.  Apparently, there is a battery saving option I did not know about.  The second ride was also about 3 hours but, with the energy saving option set on, only half of the fully charged battery was spent.  Since most of my rides are under 4 hours, I think I can manage with the phone.

I like the Cycle Tracker app.  It is easy to use, presents all the information I need – elapsed time, distance, speed, elevation – and includes a feature to listen to your favourite tempo music while you ride.  The display is large – the full size of the 5C screen – and it can be displayed either vertically or horizontally depending how you have the phone mounted on the bike.  The app even talks.  Yes.  Talks.  A very pleasant female voice reminds you of your distance, elapsed time, average speed and estimated calories expended throughout the ride.  The frequency of this reminder is also an option.  Each ride was windy and, quite frankly, I couldn’t hear the reminders.  In future, they will be off.

I am looking forward to another cycling season – longer, faster rides, new routes and bigger adventures.

2 thoughts on “Back on the bikes

  1. I use Endomondo and with the power saver, display off, I can get about eight hours on a charge, including about two-dozen photos (200km, took seven hours, had 11% left). Enjoy your stats!

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