A flat …

I got a flat yesterday.

I was on my commuter taking an extended ride on the way home from the office.  Despite knowing better, I was not properly prepared.  I had a replacement tire and tire irons but no pump.  NO PUMP!  I had neglected to replace the CO2 cartridge.  I had updated my pack on the road bike and purchased spare cartridges but forgot to add one to the bag on my commuter.

How embarrassing.  I was 15 km from the house stranded on a somewhat remote section of road, a km walk from any help or transit.  My first thought was to call for help, a ride home with my tail between my legs.  Then I thought I could catch a bus.  Some of the local buses carry bikes on a specially built rack located at the front of the bus.  But then I began thinking of all those cyclists that take extended rides through remote areas of the world without the convenience of a support vehicle of any kind.  No.  I wasn’t going to take the easy way out.

I decided to fix this myself and complete the ride.  I walked almost 2 km to the nearest bike shop to borrow a pump.  It took no more than 10 minutes to replace the tire and get back on the road.  The lesson here is to be prepared.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I was well prepared in so many ways – high tech cycling clothing (jacket, tights, gloves, sun glasses,  an aerodynamic helmet, a well equipped bike and a GPS app recording my ride).  But no pump.  NO PUMP.

I don’t think I will forget the CO2 cartridge again.

5 thoughts on “A flat …

  1. aahhhh that sucks so bad! That’s the way it goes right, though? The one thing you don’t have is the one thing you need. I am so horrible at being prepared for bike rides. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Jason I wouldn’t have anything at all on most of my bike rides.

    I shared this post with him, and now he’s curious about what brand/kind of helmet you have 😀 haha

    • You would think I would know better after 30+ years of this.

      Tell Jason I wear a Louis Garneau Quartz helmet. I am a big fab of Louis Garneau. I ride one of his carbon bikes and his clothing actually fits my older body. So I matching kits and bike.

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