Red. Green. Learn the difference.

I am appalled at the number of urban cyclists that do not heed the rules of the road – ignoring stop signs, stoplights and hand signals.  It is dangerous not only for them but  everyone else sharing the road.

The above video illustrates the consequence.  Red.  Green.  Learn the difference.

Drivers and pedestrians can not always see cyclists. And, quite frankly, they don’t always look.  They have their own priorities.  You cannot trust they will stop or, for that matter,  even see you.  Be on guard at all times.  Unless you are cycling on quiet rural roads, ride defensively.

The more I ride, the more cautious I have become.  I travel bikeways and bike paths whenever possible.  I search out traffic calmed routes.  I wear bright, reflective clothing.  I wear a helmet.  And, I obey the rules of the road.  Do you?

14 thoughts on “Red. Green. Learn the difference.

  1. Well… Yes and no. I don’t wear hi-viz clothing. I substitute looking awesome as my hi-viz. It works well. I stop, when necessary (traffic present, can’t see clearly etc.) at stop signs, ALWAYS at stop lights. I am into intelligent cycling and arriving at my destination in one piece.

    • I agree that we should watch our surroundings and pay attention fully but drivers of cars should also be paying attention just as much my Dad was knocked off his bike going round a roundabout with a High Viz jacket and giving the right signals but the car still hit him and his excuse was that he didnt see him !

  2. Good blog, I cycle all the time and am really confused as to why wearing a helmet on a push bike is not compulsory when wearing one on a motorbike from 50cc is. I can still do 35 – 45 mph on my road & TT bike which is equally as dangerous, I don’t understand cyclists who don’t like wearing helmets but then think they can jump red lights and not pay any attention to the road.

    • I had a “minor” concussion once (not related to cycling) that has reinforced my conviction. I wouldn’t want to find out what a serious one feels like. Wear a helmet.

      Good for you. 45 mph is fast! I need a hill to reach that speed.

      • I think I have done that speed once :-p but it sounded good. still hover around the 35-40 mark when on aero bars on a slight decline which is pretty dangerous at the best of times but without a helmet it is definately a fatal crash waiting to happen.

  3. Now here’s a strange contrast……the more I have cycled over the years, the more secure I have felt about occupying my rightful space on the road, and not being intimidated by passing traffic. There’s a curious equation in that, the more confident you are in your riding position (and by that I generally mean riding ‘high’…ie. a good metre from the verge), the safer you are. Those who timidly hug the verge (believing they are safer) are in much more danger of being abused by traffic.

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