Vega – plant based fuel

I am a vegetarian.  Have been for over 30 years.  Vegan mostly.  And, I am active.  I am not competitive but have always enjoyed endurance sports – distance running and cycling mostly.  Sports that need to be properly fuelled.  Those of you that are vegetarian know that it is not always easy to eat nutritionally without a lot of planning and preparation.

Several years ago I learned of Vega, a series of plant-based nutritional supplements designed by and for endurance athletes.  Brendan Brazier is a Canadian professional Ironman athlete and founder of Vega.  He formulated plan-based products to improve his personal performance and shorten recovery times.  His experimentation and professional success led to the introduction of the Vega products.

I have included pictures of the full range of Vega products.  I use them all.  The electrolyte hydrator and endurance gel are my favourite and part of every workout longer than an hour.   If you are looking to work harder and recover faster, give the Vega products a try.

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