More on fitting a (tight) tire

P1060720Fitting my new Michelin Pro 4 Endurance tires has been the talk of the house for the past several days. And, the local bike shops I frequent as well.  It seems I am not the only one to experience this problem.  I am just fortunate it has not happened sooner.

Rims and tires are manufactured to within specific tolerances.  A rim diameter vary +/- 0.5 mm from the specification.  And, a tire +/- 1 mm.  This means if you are trying to fit a tire that is at the minimum tolerance on a rim that is at the maximum tolerance, it will be more difficult.  Not impossible, but certainly more of a challenge.

There are 2 additional tricks I have learned from recent discussions:

  1. apply a small amount of liquid soap on the rims enabling the tire to move with less friction; and,
  2. kneel on the floor, place the wheel between your legs facing forward, grip the tire with both hands and twist the tire using not only your hands but arms, shoulders and  torso to apply more torque.

My tire is on.  Let’s hope I don’t get a flat.

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