The Cycling Cap

campagnolo_cap_-_whiteThe cycling cap was once a badge of honour proudly worn by racers to shield their eyes from the elements and discarded to adoring fans as they paraded through the small towns.  It was a unique fashion statement.  What happened?

I have a 25 year old Campagnolo cap that I proudly wore before helmets became mandatory.  I still wear it in the shop when working on the bikes.  Or, at least i did.  It has disappeared.  My 30 year old son has taken it.  He thinks its cool.  Now he wears it when he is working on his bikes.  I don’t mind.  I can’t think of a more fitting place for it.  Perhaps he will pass it on to his son one day.  That would be really cool.

Last week I visited one of the local bike shops to purchase a new cap for myself.  The owner had a box full of caps on the counter selling for $4.95.  I found a Louis Garneau cap I liked and put it on.  It fit well and was the same colours as my frame and kit – black, red and white.  Perfect, I thought.  That is until the owner chirped from behind the counter, “You are not going to wear that are you?”.  “Why not?”, I quickly answered.  He said road cyclists don’t wear them any more.  He sells them to “fixie” owners mostly and that the cap has become a fashion statement for the young urban cyclist.  Go figure.

There is another local shop I frequent.  Each year they display a variety of colourful caps on a large table near the entrance.  And each year, the table items go on sale as he tries to clear his inventory.  It never works.  It seems the cycling cap in decline.

I purchased the Louis Garneau cap. i don’t have a fixie or care what others might think.  To me, the cycling cap will always be in fashion.

2 thoughts on “The Cycling Cap

  1. I think that means you’re a Fred, which I mean in the nicest possible way – if you feel a little offended have a look at my site – you’ll see what I mean !

    • I am not offended. I think there is a little Fred in us all. I ride 3 bikes – a carbon road bike, a custom touring bike and a commuter – and dress appropriately for each.

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